Shanmugapriya Karuppusamy

Research Fellow, Career-FIT Plus

Shanmugapriya received her PhD in Biotechnology at the Bharathiar University in India. During her Ph.D, as Principal Investigator in an UGC Minor Research Project, she has a focused on research track-record in green extraction of natural plant products in South India with pharmacological and phytochemical evaluations. During her PostDoc (South Korea), she focused her research on marine sources based nanomaterials synthesis in invitro and invivo models using laser based therapy for wound healing, cancer biotherapeutics and biomedical applications. Currently, she is focused on the SunMara project with aims to develop a novel and scaleup process of marine polysaccharides and
utilize cells as a biological factory that can transform into value-added bioactive compounds, which will facilitate the development and manufacture of new functional foods for potential nutraceutical and cosmetics applications. Her research interests include analysis of marine green sources for wound healing and cancer targeted research. She has published her research work in peer reviewed international journals.