Christine Loscher

Principal Investigator, Science to Market
Prof Christine Loscher (BSc, PhD) is a principal investigator with Food for Health Ireland whose work focuses on the immune modulatory effects of dairy ingredients. She is the director of DCU’s Health Technologies Research and Enterprise Hub. She also established DCU’s Immunomodulation Research Group and has significant expertise in commercial research and industry engagement. She played a central role in three of DCUs major strategic initiatives under the Government’s PRTLI 4 and 5 schemes to the value of €28m. She is the director of the BioAT Programme, a €5.6m multi-disciplinary training and research programme spanning six academic institutions in DCU. She is also director of the Nano-Bioanalytical Research Facility, a €16m facility currently being built at DCU, which is designed to provide a significant infrastructural enhancement to DCU to facilitate new developments in emerging areas at the interface of the science, engineering and technology disciplines.