Plant-based Nutrition Reimagined


Dr Emma Feeney (UCD)
Dr Eoin Murphy (Teagasc)

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Trive is an Irish company who market plant-based foods with a high nutritional value and award-winning taste. It is developing SuperOat™, a plant-based milk range that is higher in nutritional value than the market leaders due to its increased protein and fibre content. However, the SuperOat™ Barista prototype product had stability issues when added to coffee, a problem which Trive hoped Food for Health Ireland could solve.

The Commercial Opportunity

Plant-based foods and beverages are becoming ever more popular amongst consumers, with milk alternatives in particular expected to be worth almost €28 billion by 2031. However, most of these products have limited nutritional value when compared to dairy.

The Innovative Solution

We have brought together a team of food processing and sensory perception experts to develop a nutritional plant-based dairy formulation that shows great stability both in storage conditions and when used in coffee but that is also appealing to customers in both its sensory and physicochemical characteristics.

The Research Impact

The outcomes of this project give Trive the confidence to move forward with large-scale manufacture and marketing of their product, safe in the knowledge it will perform as consumers expect both in terms of stability and taste.

“The team at FHI have been instrumental to our product development. They’ve a depth of knowledge and experience that is truly impressive.”

– David Reilly, Managing Director Trive Foods

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