Food for Health Ireland is a key part of the Enterprise Ireland/IDA Ireland Technology Centre Programme, in which Irish-based SMEs and multinationals collaborate with research institutions to generate economic value by creating new technologies, products and processes that improve the competitiveness of our industry partners in global markets.

The Irish government organisation responsible for the development and growth of Irish enterprises in world markets.
A world leader in nutritional ingredients, flavours and cheese. Carbery provides innovative solutions to its global customer base.
A leading provider of technology-based ingredients and solutions for all sectors of the food, beverage and pharmaceutical markets.
A global supplier of premium cheeses and dairy nutritionals, including infant formulae and protein powders.
A global, integrated agri-food and nutrition business, with a diverse portfolio of quality ingredients and solutions, leading consumer and agri brands.
The Irish state agency for promoting Irish food and drink suppliers worldwide and providing support on market insights and consumer trends.
A national body that promotes and supports the growth in the consumption of Irish milk and dairy products and ingredients.
Works closely with its customers to produce quality animal nutrition products that facilitate customer success in target markets.
Developing next generation, plant-based dairy alternatives that deliver on great taste, excellent nutrition and genuine sustainability.
A company that develops plants from sustainable growing systems for secure viable production and to transform plant potential into high value ingredients.
A natural ingredients producer, specialising in
marine multi-minerals sold internationally, covering both the animal health and human food and nutrition sectors.
A company developing an A2-protein milk supply and combining with
novel dairy processing IP, to develop an early-life stage milk-based beverage targeting high-
value export markets.
A company bringing to market safe technologies that are adaptable across species and sectors including human and animal health.
The innovation arm of Monaghan Mushrooms, harnessing the power of
mushrooms for consumers’ health and wellbeing.
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Research Performing Organisations

We work with Ireland’s top research performing organisations to carry out cutting-edge research in world-class facilities.