Health from the Sea:
Minerals for Better Mobility

Prof Giuseppe De Vito (UCD)
Dr Eamonn Delahunt (UCD)

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Marigot produces naturally derived ingredients for the enhancement of human, animal and plant health. Its products are sourced sustainably from seawater and are sold in over 40 countries worldwide. They approached Food for Health Ireland because they had developed Aquamin, a unique marine multi-mineral supplement which alleviates joint pain in patients with osteoarthritis, and wanted to show efficacy of this product when compared against the market leader.

The Commercial Opportunity

Over 500 million people worldwide are believed to suffer from osteoarthritis. While some nutraceuticals are marketed for this condition, they are not supported by scientific consensus, therefore a gap in the market existed for a scientifically-proven alternative.

The Innovative Solution

Food for Health Ireland assembled a team of sports scientists and rheumatologists who designed and delivered a human intervention study to assess the effect of Aquamin on knee pain, strength, mobility and overall quality of life.

The Research Impact

Aquamin was shown to be superior to the market leader for improving pain and knee osteoarthritis symptoms. By providing high quality science to support Marigot’s product, Food for Health Ireland allowed them to unlock its market potential.

“Our study gives Aquamin a unique opportunity to position itself as better than the market leader at improving subjective pain, symptoms and physical function for knee osteoarthritis sufferers.”

Dr Denise O’Gorman, R&D Manager – Marigot.

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